The Problem with Facebook’s Ten-Year Plan, Is BuzzFeed Struggling?

Facebook’s (in my opinion) misguided attempt to own both public and private social was not the only thing that concerned me about the F8 keynote; I am also skeptical of the 10-year plan. Then, BuzzFeed may have some concerning numbers, but I think there is a good reason: the company is changing its business model.

Facebook, Phones, and Phonebooks

There are two types of social networks, and Facebook wants to be both. The problem is that the company already chose public sharing over private communication.

Exponent Podcast: Tesla Fervor

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss It’s a Tesla. Listen to it here.

Tesla Skepticism and Superchargers, Medium for Publishers

Just because Tesla is achieving an Apple-like brand doesn’t mean they will have Apple’s success: the hard part starts now. Plus, why SuperChargers are a big deal. Then, Medium for Publishers is Medium’s play to own the long tail of publishing, and it’s very exciting in what it enables.

It’s a Tesla

Tesla is not a disruptor, but then again, neither is Apple, the closest comp: both succeed by building a brand around being the best.

A Brief History of Build, The Linux Command Line, Open Source Xamarin

I know I’ve heaped a lot of praise on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella over the last few years, but I can’t help but go at it again today. I hope, though, the subtle point I hope to make is clear: being an effective leader is about more than strategy.

Exponent Podcast: Get Off My Lawn!

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Snapchat’s Ladder. Listen to it here.