The End of Trickle-Down Technology

Reaching developing markets depends on understanding that consumers with a small budget are very different from consumers who aren’t interested in spending much

Daily Update: An Interview with Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra (Part 1) on Xiaomi’s Strategy, Target Customer, and Unexpected Success in India

Good morning, A special treat today (and Monday): I was able to spend some time with Hugo Barra, Vice President of International for Xiaomi. We had a wide-ranging conversation about Xiaomi’s strategy, their target customer, success in India, how they make money, and accusations that they copy Apple. In fact, it was so much that […]

Daily Update: Notes From the Xiaomi Event, Refining Xiaomi’s Ambition, Additional Notes

Good morning, Hello from Beijing! Today was Xiaomi’s latest announcement and I published a Storify of my live-tweets here. Today’s update is my initial reaction to what was presented. On to the update: Notes from the Xiaomi Event I arrived at the China National Convention Center a little over an hour before the Xiaomi event […]

Xiaomi’s Ambition

Xiaomi, the Chinese smart phone company that late last month raised $1.1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, sells way more than smartphones: boasts over a thousand items, and it’s the third-largest e-commerce site in China. One item it doesn’t sell, though, is a AA battery charger. Only Apple: I clearly remember when this […]

Daily Update: Christmas Gifts for Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi

Good morning, In case you missed it, James Allworth and I had a debate about his post on drones on the latest episode of Exponent. If you’re looking for last-minute gift idea, don’t forget about Stratechery Gifts. Once you make your payment I will send you a registration link for the gift membership; you can […]

Daily Update: Xioami’s Profit, Xiaomi to Sell Air Purifier, Xiaomi India Ban Lifted

Good morning, Two quick things: Many of you have asked about how you might gift Stratechery memberships. I will have a solution for you on Friday Tomorrow my co-host on Exponent, James Allworth, will be filling in for me on the Daily Update. The content and opinion are his alone, and I suspect it will […]

Daily Update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong, How is Slack Worth $1.2 billion?

Good morning, Let’s get to it – on to the update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong Xiaomi’s financials (it is a private company) were leaked to the Wall Street Journal: A confidential document viewed by The Wall Street Journal shows that Xiaomi’s net profit nearly doubled last year, making it a lucrative business in an industry […]