Andy Grove and the iPhone SE

Andy Grove passed away the same day that Apple announced the iPhone SE. One of Grove’s best decisions reminds me of this launch.

Xiaomi’s Struggles, Samsung Hardware Rumors

Xiaomi is struggling to justify its valuation; in fact there have been signs for a long time that their valuation was unrealistic all along. Plus, Samsung returns to hardware differentiation.

From Products to Platforms

Apple was at its best in its most recent keynote: unveiling the sorts of products the company is uniquely capable of creating. The question, though, is whether the company has the vision and capability of making those products into platforms.

Features and Networks, Tesla Model X Pricing Revealed, Consumer Reports and the Tesla P85D

I linked to a piece yesterday suggesting that Twitter abandon the 140-character limit: do I agree? Or is that missing the point entirely? Then, the Internet goes nuts about the Model X price without taking the time to understand why it is so expensive; meanwhile the latest Model S shows that Tesla isn’t necessarily making cars.

China Slowing, Apple Growing; Is Tesla Disruptive?

Today’s update examines how it is that China smartphone sales are decreasing even as Apple’s share is increasing. Then, I once again take on disruption theory and its adherent, this time around Tesla.