Daily Update: Notes From the Apple "Spring Forward" Event

Good morning, It was really great to meet so many of you both in Seattle and San Francisco. I’ll follow up soon with some mechanism for maintaing the groups going forward. Building up a real community is definitely something I’d love to see happen. In today’s update I’m going to just give a point-by-point overviewReading […]

Daily Update: It’s a Watch!, Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

Good morning, I apologize this update is again a few hours late. Needless to say, I am very eager to get back to Taiwan and a normal schedule, but there’s one more rather important event on my calendar…the San Francisco meet-up! In case you missed the email, the San Francisco meet-up will be at theReading […]

Daily Update: The Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Pay, HTC: Industrial Design for Hire

Good morning, I apologize that this Daily Update is late; I’m actually posting from San Francisco, having just arrived on an overnight flight from Taipei. I’ll be up and down the West Coast for the next week, and plan on attending the Apple Watch event next Monday, so Daily Updates may be a bit irregular.Reading […]

Apple’s New Market

If the importance of an integrated experience matter more with your phone than your PC, because you use it more, how much more important is an integrated experience that touches every detail of your life?

Bad Assumptions

John Gruber is, as only he can, relishing the claim chowder – his collected bits of analyst wisdom sure, again and again, that Apple is doomed. Apple, of course, is not doomed. In fact, the company is the very opposite of doomed, having just posted the best quarter of any company, ever.1 The analysts Gruber […]

The End of Trickle-Down Technology

Reaching developing markets depends on understanding that consumers with a small budget are very different from consumers who aren’t interested in spending much

Daily Update: Looking Forward to CES, Looking Ahead to 2015, Apple and the Functional High Ground

Good morning, Happy New Year! It’s great to get back into the flow of things. Let’s get on with it! Looking Forward to CES It’s fun to rag on CES, particularly during the 00’s when Apple’s MacWorld keynote announcements would overshadow the going-ons in Vegas, at least from a news cycle perspective. It wasn’t justReading […]

Daily Update: Apple Earning, Apple Pay Launches

Good morning, I’m finally set up in the new place, albeit a couple of hours late. Thanks again for your patience both yesterday and today. I look forward to getting back up to speed. Today I’m focusing on Apple’s earnings and the Apple Pay rollout; I’ll catch up on some other items tomorrow, including IBM.Reading […]