The Truth About Windows Versus the Mac

Ben Evans wrote the article I’ve been wanting to write about why the phone market is fundamentally different than the PC market. I’m glad he did; his version is even better that what I had outlined. A quick taste: In the 1990s, the PC market was mostly a corporate market (roughly 75% of volume). Corporate […]

Two seemingly unrelated links, posted without commentary

Huge construction firm uses iPads and Apple TV to save millions Shortly after the global construction giant Balfour Beatty got the multibillion-dollar contract to rebuild two terminals at Dallas-Forth Worth airport, the company discovered an unpleasant surprise: the architectural and planning documents were expected to run to 60,000 pages… It was time to go digital. […]

Where in the World Are Windows Phones Outselling iPhones?

NYT Bits Blog: According to Kevin Restivo, an analyst at IDC, the countries where Windows Phone shipments exceeded those of iPhone during the fourth quarter were: Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. A seventh “country” where Windows Phone shipments beat iPhone is actually a group of smaller countries, including Croatia, that IDC lumps […]