What if I use Android?

If you use Android, do not use any of the app-specific buttons; simply use the ‘Android’ button. Android will help you choose your preferred podcast player (frankly, this is a much better approach than iOS!). You do need to have a 3rd-party podcast player installed; Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict are two good options. Google […]

Can I share Stratechery Podcasts?

Stratechery Podcasts are for individual subscribers only. If you do share your Stratechery Podcasts feed broadly, your member-only link may be reset. If you are interested in additional subscriptions to Stratechery, please visit the membership page.

What if I want to read Stratechery via RSS?

Stratechery Podcasts are based on RSS, and include the full formatted text of the associated post. That means you can use the Stratechery Podcasts feed in your RSS Reader and consume Stratechery Podcasts via RSS. Please note that this the only way to read Stratechery Podcasts via RSS; previous member-only RSS feeds are deprecated.

What podcast player do you recommend?

If you don’t have a favorite podcast player, then Stratechery recommends Overcast. All Stratechery Podcasts include a tokenized link so you can see the original post; however, we also embed relevant images as show art. Overcast is the only client that fully displays all of these various parts. Application Chapter Support Intra-Chapter Image Support Overcast […]

Do I need to download a special app?

No, you can use the podcast player you already have. Stratechery Podcasts follow the same principles as the Stratechery Emails: you already check your email every day, so Stratechery Emails meet you where you are. Stratechery Podcasts are the exact same for those of you that prefer to consumer content via audio.

What are Stratechery Podcasts?

Stratechery Podcasts are audio versions of Stratechery posts. The content is the exact same as the Daily Update on Stratechery.com or that you receive via email, but now you can listen to it in your favorite podcast player. Stratechery now also supports Dithering, a new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber. You can buy […]